A straightforward manufactured home vendor, Phoenix Mobile Home LLC, makes reasonable all-cash deals for mobile homes in Arizona. Specialists are local dealer in Arizona who is serious about purchasing the trailer right now if they need to sell their mobile home quickly for cash. There are no fees, commissions, agents, inspections, repairs, or costs.

Regardless of Any Situation, People Buy Used Mobile Houses!

Users won’t ever feel compelled to sell their mobile homes to experts, but when you do so in Arizona. They give the readers and their families all the information required to make the best decision possible. Professionals assist families in a variety of situations, so there is nothing to lose by getting in touch with us for a free money offer for the trailer! avoiding being evicted? Divorce is imminent. They provide cash for AS-IS manufactured homes in Arizona.

In short, if the family needs to sell a problematic mobile home quickly, they’d like to make anyone an ALL-CASH offer and close on it when the family is prepared to do so.

How to get a mobile home loan

Buyers of prefabricated homes on lot leases have various financing alternatives than those who purchase conventional real estate. Here are three buyer financing options for an individual to think about.

  • FHA loan: So is feasible to obtain a conventional mortgage on a manufactured home that is leased on a lot, but few lenders will do it. Although it has very rigorous guidelines for which properties it would finance, the FHA will cover these loans. Additionally, the residence must pass an inspection, and the buyer must commit to a lease with the park for at least three years.
  • Chattel loan: It is similar to an auto loan but is reserved for specific types of real estate, including mobile houses. Although they don’t have nearly as many requirements as an FHA loan, lenders who specialize in this type of financing typically need an inspection. However, their rates won’t be as affordable as those of a conventional lender.
  • Cash: Given the cost of mobile homes, a cash buyer is undoubtedly the simplest and most likely option. A cash buyer can be the best option if their house isn’t in great shape or they owe a lot on it. One drawback is that because cash buyers typically have first dibs on properties, individuals might need to lower their asking price to close the purchase.

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