Varied methods to sell the house

Among the risks you run when you sell a house there is also the presence of hidden defects not reported by the owner , where defects mean construction defects or imperfections that give rise to gaps in the building construction

Consequently, if the seller hides defects that can be easily remedied, he will have to compensate the buyer for their amount, but if he hides important defects, the notarial deed can also be terminated or a net reduction in the sale price can take place.

The termination of the contract or a reduction in the sale price may be requested by the buyer even in the event that the house sold is burdened by charges or constraints that reduce its free enjoyment and which have not been declared in the contract (article 1489 of the Civil Code ).

In short, if you want to avoid risks in a real estate sale, it is essential to pay attention to urban planning and cadastral compliance. Also because if the non-compliance is recognized in time, in most cases it will be enough to make use of a technician to implement an amnesty to regularize the state of the building, and spending time and money on an intervention of this type is definitely better than facing the risks resulting from non-compliance.

Another detail to pay attention to when selling a house is the presence and correctness of the certificate of viability, which certifies compliance with the conditions of safety, hygiene, health and energy saving of buildings and systems: a property without this certificate , in fact, in compliance with the law can not be sold.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the notary is not a guarantor of the regularity of the property : the law provides that he is limited to collecting the seller’s statements, but is not required to check their accuracy. This is why it is essential that the regularity of all the documentation necessary for the sale is verified before making the appointment for the deed.